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Posted by Administrator on October 17, 2009

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Hemtap—Karbi tree-house in the backdrop of a setting sun at Taralangso..Diphu Please click HERE to view the survey result and HERE to vote

Welcome to my world of Karbis! This blog was started with the sole aim to provide necessary information needed to know and understand the sociological structure of the Karbis. Karbis are an ethnic tribal group scattered in North East India with a concentration in Assam. Once they were believed to have lived on the banks of the rivers the Kalang and the Kopili and the entire Kajiranga area, the famous National Park situated in Assam.
In fact the word Kaziranga as it is known today has been derived from a Karbi word, ‘Kajir-a-rong’, which means “Kajir’s Village” or “Kajiror-gaon”. Kajir is a female name among the Karbis.

It is also said that the great Mayong kingdom originated from the days of Xunyta Singha, a Karbi Youth. There is a story which cites that this youth was very handsome and possessed all qualities of a king, which infact coincide with the claims of the Karbis to be the earliest settler of the area around Kolong Rivers.  Mayong could be from the Karbi word ma-e-ong-kerai-adim, meaning maternal uncle’s kingdom, which infact the whole of dumra area around the kolong was once known by the Karbis

General Information about the Karbis

Total Population of Karbis in Karbi Anglong District : 3,53,513 ( 2001 Census).However the actual population figure of the tribe for the whole of NE of India is projected to be more than 800, 000.

Sex Ratio :  180136 males to 173377 females i.e 96 females for every 100 males. ( 2001 Census)

Population Distribution ( Age wise) :

  • 20 % ( aged between 18 to 30)
  • 32 % ( aged from 31and beyond)
  • 48 % ( aged between 0 to 17)

Religion wise Break-up

Indigenous Religion = 70 %

Hindu = 14.64 %

Christian = 15 %

Others = 0.36 %

( Source: 2001 Census Report, Goverment of India)

NOTE: This is an open source information on the Karbis. Visitors are requested to give thier comments and enrich the articles appearing in the blog. They are also free to quote the articles provided they acknowledge the blogsite.

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