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Ethnology on the Karbis also Known as Mikirs

About the Owner

Hi all,  My name is Morningkeey Phangcho ( the administrator of this site ) and this Blog was Created to share information about the Karbi tribe of Assam, also known as ‘Mikirs’ in the constitution of India. The Blog owner also belongs to the Karbi tribe, which is an ethnic tribal group of Assam. I have spent sometime for my Graduation in B.Sc ( Computer Science) from NEHU ( North Eastern Hill University) and  engineering from Assam Engineering College, Guwahati University.  Presently I am doing ethnographical studies on the Karbis , particularly the Customary Law of the Karbis independently with the help of my friends especially Dr Bouchery Pascal and Philippe Ramirez of CNRS and have visited Thailand for the purpose of training on ethnography.

Some of the Articles are contributed by Dr. Bouchery Pascal, Lecturer in Anthropology, University of Poiters, France with the information provided by me. A big hug and thanks to him.

My gratitude also goes to Dr. Philippe Ramirez of CNRS ( Centre da National la Recherche Scientifique), Paris, France for his helps and able guidance in understanding the socio-cultural background of the Karbis.

I was born to Shri S. Phangcho and Mrs K Enghipi and brought up at Umrongso, North Cachar Hills District of Assam, India and spent the youth of my life in Shillong. I learned about the Sociological structure of the Karbis from my grandmother Late K. Terangpi and hence this Blog is dedicated to this grand old lady.

Also A big hug and thanks to Mr. Dharam Sing Teron of Diphu, Karbi Anglong. He is an able colleague to work with on most of the articles.

For more Information please Contact me at mphangcho@yahoo.com

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  1. Mohandas Rongpi said

    At least I have a site that gives some info about our tribe. I appeciate your work. Keep it up.

  2. Dr. Gruessner, Karl-Heinz said

    nangli Karbi atum alamjir ablog me-olo lapen neli ning arong-olo. Lapusonsi klembom-iktha, thangbakma Arleng atum alamjir atemo ongdungde apot.
    Dr. K. H. Gruessner

  3. Keey,
    Great website. I really felt pround when you said Karbis form a greater Assamese society. This is the spirit we need from all ethnic groups of the state. Anyway, I am wondering if there is any website with information about the Karbi language. Or, may be, you can take up the job to create one.

  4. T.P.Hanse said

    Nangli kachepaduk ale Arnam nangliphan ahirjume nangpapivek lo nang. Nangli asonson karbi akhei aphan Kachinghon karbi atum along ansose klang asonte Kevirdetji Karbi akhei aphan raikom unji lapen Ansose Karbi aphurkimi pirthe athak pachetak unji pusi neli matha. Nangli keklem akam ington irdetri. Kardom.

    T.P.Hanse, Editor, The Arleng Daily. Diphu.

  5. thomash nelson teron said

    hi,morning,nagli phan suri suri kardom pajirlo lapen nang lapuan sose kepachun pon ji aphan bor-eh ponthura elitum karbi aratamahang paklarponji aphan lapuan sose kepangtangji aphan nangliphan surisuri hirjume nangpajirpon wer ji.neli ta lapuson aputhak klem ponji pu kaita ening ingtung bonsita klem pon thekthedet ajok pini anta lapuso si do wer lo.

  6. Nangli tum kado kave atum aphan neli nat pen kardom. Neli lahai akam thangnat penle kerap kelongpon lapen neli pene tangka maha kelongji aphan le keklem kali bonsita neli lahai akam keklem tangka neli nat pen penang an pakon ponlo. Bonsita khei kachinghon lapen khei aphurkimo bang akhei det ta kali non akai ove kimi atum ta kachinine do o an pusi neli matha. lasi thang le kelongpon avedet pusita bang areng kelok alam pen asonsi “atleast” ne keklem pen ove kimi atum ta penang an lamthe chiniponpo pusi ning chethe lo


    Morning Keey Phangcho

  7. Shantanu Barman said

    Your effort in making the website is truly praiseworthy. A very comprehensive information about the Karbi culture has been provided for people who wants to know more about Karbis. What I like the most, however, is the fact that an intense research has gone through all this. Congratulation and keep up the good work.

  8. Rosmia Sonowal said

    Your thoughts and efforts are always different from others. I am really excited for your first edition…Waiting for your book….


  9. Prims Millick, Pune said

    Hai Morningkee! I am Priming from Pune and excited to see your site with enthusiasm. Keep it up because the world needs to know who we are with such rich and distinct culture and values. I am proud to be your friend who studied with you in Shillong! God be with you.

  10. Prims Millick, Pune said

    Hai morning! can you also do a research on the karbi system on economy maybe our perspective on livelihood. As globalisation is on its progressive move, what can be a response from a traditional karbi mentality? Are we still an old hiding jack or a late kate? with best wishes.

  11. Nice to visit your blog.I am working for the development of karbi language. so sometimes I may need you. please visit my blog. I not so much computer literate. So a lot things to do in my blog.

  12. thanks a lots to all of you for your support and enthusiasm…. to rosmia, preming and also to sarthe.. .. I have visited you blog.. I would say your proposal is quite interesting … anyway.. thanks all of you for you comments and support.. and premin’ yes I am already working on some of the topic.. however the research you have mentioned was already done 4 years back by someone else in comparative with the Khasis.. anyway a specialised on the karbis can be done…

    Morningkeey Phangcho

  13. Mangal Rongphar said

    korte,nang website theklongsi ne ning arong pik lo.Nang an sose Karbi atum alam tok ra paklangtha.Pine akerap nangji pulote nangpunon,ne un anke nangrap dunji.Yahoo 360 along neta blog do langtame.Arnam nangphan an sose dibi-sore nangpapi lonang.kurvangthu.

  14. Tenzing Teron said

    Dear Morning,
    Nangliphan laso mesen asai keklem aphan suri suri ahirjume puthot pado thu nang. Lapen la an chot ta kali lang nangli sangkok ke det ra la an sose keklem thuji lang aphan ningthe par lo. Nangli methang aphan kelong-o ji kali puke neli nangmunthi dun lo puvoiphit sitame Karbi akhei apharman nangli lason asai keme keklem apot Karbi arat kado-kave, nangli phan nangchini lapen chinine atum ahin pen ahirjume nanglilong kaike ta pado nang lapen nangli phan kachoroji alamthe ke do-o lang voiphit sita neli ning aklong pen ingtonte sita ketok ke ington ik po.
    Kardom nangli phan.
    Tenzing Teron

  15. Pallavi Barua said

    I came upon this website while preparing an essay on the Karbi Ramayan (SABIN ALUN).

    This is a great effort. Its nice to find so much information on the Net. Keep it up…..

    Pallavi Barua

  16. sanjeev ingti said

    Excellent work……..after reading about karbi’s i am proud of my self.altleast i can tell and show outside the world who am i? where i am from? what is my culture? We all are with you. keep it up. “KARDOM”

  17. Thanks Sanjeev…..Kardom and Kurvangthu to you as well. It’s comment like this which really brightens up our minds. We would be happier if you could contribute to the blog on issues that reflect our culture, music, folklore etc. Hope to hear from you often…..
    MKP and DST

  18. noni said

    hii..its great….a blog about karbis….my child hood spent on diphu..so lot memmory i have…..and still miss all greenness..mountain…all loving people…etc

    tag u to my blog……

  19. A Bhattacharyya said

    I chanced across your blog while researching an article. It is extremely informative and I am glad that our people are doing this kind of work.I am sure it will help to dislodge second rate work.

  20. Rajendra Milik said

    Dear Morning,
    I am very gladful and congrutulate you for the progressing of Karbi’s society. Hopefully an confidently said to you definitely achieve your aim without getting any incident.

    Rajendra Milik
    Computer Engineer

  21. Hi Mr Milik,
    Thank you so much on behalf of Morningkeey…pl contribute by spreading message about this blog in your friend circle.

  22. Donald D Ingty said

    Dear M Phangcho,

    I stumbled upon your blog today. Outstanding effort! My congratulations to you in creating this informative site on our indigenous Karbi people. We need many more sincere and honest efforts like yours to empower and ultimately move our people forward.

    My regards and best wishes,

    DD Ingty.

  23. thanks Mr Donald for your inspiring words

  24. Dibyajyoti Jana said

    Excellent work! Hope you are doing well, Morning!

    (I hope you remember me from Orkut :D)

  25. Lunse Milick said

    Good morning, make this webside a turnkey…!!!

  26. RJ Teron said

    Hey Dude! That’s a gr8t job……. Looks like u did lots of intensive research on these topics. It really feel nice to have a blog of our own tribe. Keep up the good work buddy.

  27. Hi RJ,
    Oh you liked it? This gives us fresh hopes that some Karbis like you are alive….

  28. R.K.George said

    I am happy to see this Blog on Karbis whom i like very much….I happened to work among Karbis Based from Calcutta for Catholic Relief Services, staioned in Diphu their capital of Karbi Anglong.During my 4 years service over there I have traveled through out the entire Karbi Anglong and have lived with them…I was representing Jirsong Asong….and still love to bethere with them..they are very friendly, loving and hospitable people..I still nourish the sweet memories of the life I lived there. Still I have good friends there..Karbi anglong is wonderful..beautiful and livable..I offer my sincere prayers for their upliftment and well being….

  29. Ravi Teron said

    Its a pleasure to know that we karbis have a blog, in which people all across the country in fact across the globe will know about us. Its give me immense pleasure to visit this site and i seroiusly feel really proud about it…… Keep d good work up

  30. hello! morning
    i m overwhelmed by goin thru the website.it is solely a much needed compilation of our identity. millions of applauses.m sure this shall be a very imformative to each individual who is concerned about their culture n heritage.wish u all the good luck to further carrying ur pursuit.

  31. Risim Rongpi said

    hats off 2 u man 4 creating our very own blog.i bow down 4 ur excellent work.may luv ,peace n success be with you always.kardom

  32. Upen S Khatiwada said

    Good job Morningkeey Phangcho!!
    I grew up with Karbi boys in Assam and I was always eager to know more about them.The tribes of North-Eastern India have great culture and unique identity which has a remained in shadow.Your attempt is really worthy and will help others to understand the great people.
    Upen S Khatiwada
    Long Island City
    New York

  33. Anjal Borah said

    A Great Website for NE India.

  34. Longneet Terang said

    Hello Morningkeey.
    Really happy to find this blog. May not be able to help you but will surely visit as often as I can and tell my friends about it. Great and keep it up. May Kemphu bless you.

  35. Hilson Singnar said

    Dear M Phangcho,
    Nang mesen karbi awebsite kepaklang pon thek apot, nang phan ningaklong pen choroparpiklo.Hemphu Arnam ansose ahirjume nangpapinang!

  36. Sangmirso Terangpi said

    Phangcho a sangho,

    This blog you started is exactly what most of us needed as base to start off with! A truely brave and encouraging effort you have put up. Wishing you the best as you bring out more about the Karbis to the world.

  37. arabinda mitra said

    Thank you for writing on Karbi Tribe. It’s interesting to know about this tribe.
    Wishing you,
    arabinda mitra

  38. sunny Teron said

    Thnx 4 ur luvly effort man!!! U really deserve my KARDOM N kurvangthu.

  39. Sunny Teron said

    Thnx 4 ur luvly effort man!!! U really deserve my kurvangthu. I know as the going gets tough the tough gets going, “ALL THE BEST” for the upcomming series and
    Sunny Teron

    • Hi Sunny,
      Sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you for visiting and posting this reply. By the way, how did you come to know of this karbi blog?? Was it by accident or told by somebody?? Pl post your comments again..and thank you again in anticipation…

      • sunny said

        sory 4 delayng ma response…………..yes, it was indeed by chance……..u knw, i hve a great interest in knwng abot dis rich indegeneous culture n came thru ur blog after series of searching….itz relly exclusive…

  40. bhaskar said

    great site,

  41. Mamoni said

    Hi, Morning…. i went through ur blog with a feeling of proudness you know, really proud to have a blog of our own tribe THE KARBI, thanks to you….. the contents and its quality, it seems you did a lot of research on it, keep it up! I wish you all the best for your upcoming works!

  42. Robindra Teron said

    Pirthe adang pachethak aphan bloc kenagsot lapen banso akemang asai naglipaplenglo. KRUVANGTHU !! This bloc will serve as eye opener to the world about this beautiful and cultured tribe called Arleng.

  43. Anjok ( gracie) said

    Kardom Mr. Morning,

    I’m really surprised and proud to stumble upon your blog today. I’m a Karbi from Diphu, married to a half Karbi from Shillong, presently working and living in Cambodia.
    I’m also interested to find out the origin of the word “Mikir” and know more about what you are doing. I hope I’ll be able to learn more about our tribe from your blog and try to do something on my part.
    It’s great that you’ve made a start. Keep it up.

    Anjok Kropi

    • Thank you on behalf of Morningkeey…..and since you’re already in Cambodia, maybe that’s a good place to start with. It will be a great service to understanding the Karbis if you could kindly utilise your stay in Cambodia to collect folklore and local myths etc. What Ashis has spoken about the Chakesang version of the origin of the term ‘Mikir’ (MIKIRI) is itself a very good explanation. Please ask Ashis to record information like this in research methodology.
      Thank you again from Diphu…..

  44. kHELMAN said

    Wow..ma man…U r way high to Go man…Never knw that you have done such a great work..keep it up man..nothin much ma wishes are always with u man.and hope to see ya soon..man…


  45. Bijoy Bey said

    akehai phangcho asangho,
    labangso ablog neli pini si kangpu lang lapen thek long lok pen ning arong vik lo. non aprang kevangji ahut nelihin penta un an akerap akacheto nanglipajirji aphan bor-ee po. hats off to you brats. keep it up.

    bijoy bey.

  46. upala barua said

    I have gone through your site on the Karbis. Do you know that According to Prof Suniti Kumar Chatterjee Karbis are the most imaginative & creative communities of NE India.My first anthropological field wrk was on karbi rituals way back in 1979 at a village called Rongkanthir. myself, my husband Udayan hazarika and my father late Navakanta Barua have always been inerested in the Karbi culture as a whole.As I teach Social anthropology at Cotton college, I find this site most illuminating as it reflect the inner voices from the community which is called emic approach.This approach is very important in the study of post-modernity.Thank you very much for the site that takes us to find our roots. Bless you & I shall be in touch. U.B

  47. Kangjang hanse said

    I’m still a student of B.com-11. this site gave me enough information i need about US. thumbs up to u n i hope u’ll carry on your good work….

    • Hi Kangjang, thanks for your visit and we acknowledge your gesture, please spread the message and tell your friends to visit the site, read, write and contribute..that’s one big way to contribute…visit again and you can mail your articles…Kardom and Kurvangthu!!

  48. Rabijita said

    Tis great to view such a nice blog on Karbis. I am proud and wish to thanks you for making this is possible.

    • Thank you Robijita…there are so many things to be done. We know of your own contribution to Karbis and wish to request you to kindly contribute to this blog. Thanks once again.

  49. Wonderful and praiseworthy initiave. The adminstrator and the owner desrve plaudits for their wonderful initiaive. Kudos brothers!

    I’ll spread the word…..let me know if I can be of any help.


    • Thank you so much for yours kind visit. Your visit already is a bi contribution to our effort and since you’ve undertaken to spread the ‘word’, we can legitimately look forward to more concerned visitors…Kardom!

  50. D.S. Gogoi said

    Kardom… This is a very good effort .Thank U for creating such a site. We people should unite & think over the economic development of Karbi Anglong.

  51. sunny said

    hai….i am relly proud of maself 4 being a karbi…………the blog is relly awsome.

  52. Ranoj Pegu said

    Hi Mr. Phangso. Many thanks to you for developing this informative web site on the Karbis. I am a friend of Mr. Dharam Sing Teron. He is really doing a good think by helping you. Keep it up.

    Ranoj Pegu

  53. Longson Timung said

    Dear M Phangch,
    I’m really surprised and proud to stumble upon your blog today which I found while going throgh “Karbi Study”. I’m a Karbi from a small village Dengaon,thanking you for managing this blog which is the only window to the peoples of world for knowing the Karbi.
    I hope I’ll be able to learn more about our tribe and also presenty whether Karbis are there in Thailand and Myanmar?
    It’s great that you’ve made a start. Keep it up.

  54. Prashata Hanse said

    Hi,Morningkeey how you doing? before yesterday i never knew that we’ve got a web site about our tribe. I came to know about this site from the daily newspaper “Sentinel”. Really, your job is excellent and i appreciate it.Keep it up budy. You have my best wishes. Have a nice day.

  55. how do u find with the work this days?

  56. Lily Phangchopi said

    Hi Morningkeey,
    I just happen to chance on this website and am so glad to see that my Phangcho brother is doing great work. I haven’t gone through in detail yet but will surely do so.
    All the best for your endeavours and I will appreciate if you send your contact in my mail.
    Take care

    • Thanks for your comments and visit, keep visiting… for my contact details please click on “Contact Us” button on the top of the page

      • Dolly said

        علی فرساد بسیار عت§„ی؛ØÙلباه در قسمتهای username Ùˆ password نیازی نیست چیزی نوشته بشه چون خودش Ù…ÛŒ Ú¯Ù‡ leave field blank

  57. Rosmia Sonowal said

    Today I was going thru’ your site which is as usual superb as you are … and i am feeling privileged to be a friend of such a Brilliant guy….

  58. Sarmanran Ronghang said

    This is really a nice one that i came across About my Own tribe to know about its untold and unspoken facts.
    Morningkeey, Hats off to you :-). More to express out but In short, MARVELOUS 🙂

  59. Nanangliphan suri akardom pajir iklo, athema neli nangli website theklong pen ning arong pin, Karbi angbong pen pirthe achatai along kepachetahi dun lapen Assam alongri along si do pu kepachinidun thek apot jasemet Thailand along ason Karbi province kedo pu alam pen si ri tarlip nangji kenangsot lang.

  60. Keson Klein, Marme said

    Hello Morning…. I am from Marme vilage in Ri-Bhoi dist. state of Meghalaya that u have visited before and when i went through ur blog with a feeling of proudness you know, really proud to have a blog of our own tribe, thanks to you! the contents and its quality, it seems you did a lot of research on it, keep it up! I wish you all the best for your upcoming works! meanwhile kindly recorrect ‘Klein’ instead of ‘Klien’ in the topics: A Bout The Karbi. Kardom and Kurvangthu. Keson Klein, Marme


    Dear Mr. Morningkeey Phangcho,
    Many many thanks to you for creating this blog and hope to you for carrying more forward information and collect the necessary information for our Karbi people. God bless you and bring for your all future endevours.

    Rajendra Milik

  62. Mosphyt Taro said

    Hello sangho Phangcho,

    Ning arong ongpik par pensi nangli phan ro archo lo kopima hala nanglitum kemesen ke klem akam apharman, kado kave karbi rat atum penta ningrong do-o long.

  63. Kishore Das said

    Great,thanks a lot for the initiative.Many things are still there about the Karbi culture which I want to know.Anyway its a great work.Thanks again,

  64. Sar Sunny Kronjang said

    Howz the Project heading????????

  65. habey said

    hey korte I m moved! I will be very happy if i can be of any kind of help..
    Great going

  66. Al Kafil Choudhury said

    Dear Mr.Phangcho,

    Good evening and best of luck for your effort.Myself is Mr. A.K.Choudhury.HoD(English),Thong Nokbe College,karbi Anglong,interested to learn about Karbi culture and tradition.would u kindly supply with information on ‘custom and law concerning karbi women’for i shall remain ever grateful.

    • Dear Mr. Choudhury,

      First of all let me thank you for visiting my site and for appreciating my small initiative on providing free information about the Karbis to anybody having access to the internet. Regarding your request related with custom and law related to the Karbis women, I am sorry to disappoint you for my inability to send you any material as such at this moment, but if u can send me the exact questionnaire, I will send you the answer of those. However I will suggest you to give me the exact topic, so that I can send you copy of the thesis being submitted to either GU or NEHU.( if available with us)

  67. Longsing Teron said

    Visited your site and felt extremly happy, coz this is the site most people would like to visit to learn more about the Karbis. GOOD! keep up. Continue till you have your life in you. Forget your meal, but don’t ever forget to update the site. Always ready to share at any moment. Wish you a bundles of success.

  68. Hi, my name is Imsumanen Tumung, me from Dimoria area of kamrup. I want to give thanks to you for giving such a good information about Karbi culture to world wide. I really appreciate your research works but one thing that about plains karbi blog in your site is that we dimoria people dont want to call ourself as plain karbi because we also from same clan but we setle in plains that means we don’t become a plain people, our blood, our thinking are as yours. we will be very pleased if you call us as Amri Karbi. so, me and all dimoria people of karbi request to you please change the name “Plain Karbis” blog as Amri Karbi.We will be much thakful to you if you change the name. And please contunue to work with all your heart for the karbi people and for uniting all. Thanks….

    • Dear Mr. Tumung,

      First of all let me thank you for visiting the site and also for passing your comment. I deeply regret hurting the feelings of a group of people for using the term but the term ” Plain Karbis” does not at all make you different from the rest of the the Karbi. It is only a term to signifies those who are settled in the plain areas since time immemorial. I therefore suggest the term only “Karbi” instead of even using the word “Amri Karbi” to unite all Karbis under the sun. Amri is only a sub-group of the greater Karbis with varies practice. I therefore have used the term ” Dumrali Karbis” instead in the site, if you have failed to see. I am also aware of the conflict between two groups of people trying to call themselves differently. I however failed to understand the misunderstanding between the two. Its only some kind of politics being played on us. I urge all not to fall for it. If I use the term Amri instead of the terminology as you suggested , I end up hurting one or the other group. This article was written much before this issue has even crop up. Instead of using different term , why not stick with only the single word ” Karbi” for all those under the sun.. no Amri or Plains. But the term “Plain Karbis” in the article appearing in the website was used just to signifies those settled in the plain but not meant to make them different from the rest of the cousins. I hope you understand. I have used the term ” Dumrali Karbis” and instead of plain Karbis , I will write those “Karbis in the plains”. Otherwise it will not be wise to either support or oppose any of the group for researchers. Think over it and let me know

      With Warm Regards and Kardom

      Morningkeey Phangcho

  69. kham said

    very good effort,I’ll like to communicate,can I contact you apart from viewing this blog ?

  70. pabitra said

    it is truely an encouraging work done by you to keep the culture alive, you have give an inspiring example.It is truely a commendable work.keep on going…………………


  71. Jayanta Das said

    Dear Phangcho,
    It was really nice to have vistited your blog and come across so much information on various aspects of the Karbis who I feel, till recently, suffered from lack of much academic interest. You deserve accolades for putting in so much valuable information in one place that could go a long way in bringing the greater Assamese society together. You have rightly mentioned about it in the introduction. That is the spirit we should inculcate among us when sometimes we begin to fall apart from each other due to lack of understanding. I am sure your blog will serve the twin noble purposes of (1)showcasing your rich cultural heritage and (2) bringing the people of Assam together through knowledge and proper understanding.
    I wish you and your blog a long, successful future and hope that we would be able to have glimpses of many more aspects of your rich culture.

    Jayanta Das,
    Bokakhat, Golaghat, Assam

  72. Theophilas T Langneh said

    Korte, nangli phan nang choro parpik an lo athe nangli lason akam keklem apot Arnam ahirjume ansose nang pa pi dun nang.

  73. Bijoy Teron said

    Phangcho asangho,

    Aphrangse ning kangsam ning aklong akardom nangpajir ik lo. Madu ta chini Karbi aso Karbak aso ke chap ave puthi ave aso,lasi pini arni elitum ove kimi atum ta emena aPhurkimo koan ma kachethek nangji puan chethek un-e det lo.Lasi, nangliphan nangkachoro kangtung ke nangli son son Karbi aHamphangaron along kenangji ason amung KHEI kachinghon ajok keri ketarlip kepangrum kachepaduk thek abang lapen labangso ablog pen ajok pirthe adang amonit aphan Karbi ta esi aKHEI pu kepachini abang aphan ke ahirjume pivek nangji. Ahijume ARNAM along nanghangpi ik lo lapen nangli akemang ansose paphrang nang pachun nang.KARDOM

  74. Sarpo Kathar said

    Thanks for the site, I have learned alots from this. Keep it up.

  75. sarbinong said

    It is always not too late to learn..,i learn a lot of things from this blog..

    Keep up the good work:)

  76. johnson teron bangalore said

    Hello..keey..offcøurs ur the öne.neli ning arong pik lo..,nangli son kacharli pen ale kedo i.lasi itum karbi atum.kaporhi pen ale kave det pen thang bakbe atum kechoklem chokche.dorong rang.lasi pini arni pen ke.nanglison keja pon ason te..an sose neli ning arong lang..so may the god be with u and god bless you. KUR….???VANGTHU Johnson teron.kedoadim Samelangso

  77. songja engti kathar said

    thanks a lot for all the great work that you have done to the Karbi society. I happened to be in this page when i was searching a news about Karbi anglong in the net ,then when i saw this page i feel extremely surprise to find a site of our Karbi society,then after reading that i told to my Karbi friends about the blog, first they hesitate to know about then i force them to read.so now they to r on this blog reading the life story of our father of the nation karlitang semson sing engti.thanks kardom kurvangthu songja engti kathar english (honours) university of deli

    • dear songja…..thanks a lot….i have a request and an appeal to you and all our young friends out there in delhi (and other cities)…to please write as a form of contribution to spread the good things about our culture and heritage…
      thanks again for visiting…

  78. Joydeep Banerjee said

    This Blog is amazing. I came to know about it very recently and already a fan of it. Very enthusiastic to read about my own people. I was born and brought up in Diphu, Karbi Anglong and I love my place deeply. I appreciate the work of all the people associated in this endeavor. Lets hope that this site becomes a high-impact site. Proud to be a Karbi.

    Jai Hind.

  79. Joy sing. Hubli said

    thank,ansose ahirjume nangli pidunlo.

  80. rp singh said

    hey buddy.. grt effort..heartiest congratulations to u for outstanding work… i am working in karbi anglong. nd ur work has been of grt help in
    understanding karbi people, their culture nd traditions… god bless..

  81. Sarthe Kro said

    karbi anglong aphanke lahenlo akemenai akam. Neli ning arong chikhang un-e detlo. Ili karbi atumta lapuson tovar keme, tovar kimi dambom po pusi ning chethe lo. Nonke science akai, lasi karbi akhei aphrang kachingthur pon nangji ke ili methang akam… Non lapuson akeme atovar nang kejapon apot thanks… KARDOM.

  82. Sarthe Kro said

    karbi anglong aphanke lahenlo akemenai akam. Neli ning arong chikhang un-e detlo. Ili karbi atumta lapuson tovar keme, tovar kimi dambom po pusi ning chethe lo. Nonke science akai, lasi karbi akhei aphrang kachingthur pon nangji ke ili methang akam… Non lapuson akeme atovar nang kejapon apot thanks… KARDOM.

  83. Dr. Mensing Enghi, MBA Ph.D said

    Nangli Karbi akhei aphuthak bangso akam klem ke ning arongparlo, ilitum kado kaveta knolegede sharing pen Karbi akhei aprang dam theji aphan klem bor-i nangji. Good job continue it for generation to come

  84. bidyasing rongpi said

    it is great and happy to know that such sites exists. a specail thanks to all those involve in bringing the karbi’s to light with the information they provide on the karbis. long live n may the HEMPHU bless u in your good work. KARDOM

  85. Tungzang Tokbi said

    I came through this site accidentaly.But iam very glad to explore this site as there are many things which are written regarding our karbi culture.It is very hard to find such site and i think iam lucky enough to know about this site today.Continue youer good job IK Morningkeey… 🙂 Carry on your good job and Let the whole world know about the real beuaty of our culture.

  86. bijay kro said

    I like ur work towards our karbis culture
    I luv my culture and we all must gve respect too our culture

  87. Bhrigu Bora said

    Great work done by you..it is really a wonderful gift for people of assam.I highly admire your job .now the entire world will be able to know about karbi people through this site..

  88. arlengdaily@yaho.com said

    Relipp camp at koilamati high school arlongrupat

  89. Longki Timung said

    chorolo korte, mesenlo nang keklem akam

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  91. “Vir rangrang karbi lammet lapen khei, kejum dunhek toklang lapen monit aphai” nangli khei aphan kachapaduk apot, neli ning aklong pen nang hang pi thu lo ARNAM AHAI” amin

  92. Choro lo Korte nang lapu an Akamkeme keklem thek apot nang phrang la ansose kemejiaphan, Arnam ahirjume nanglong pedonang.

  93. Jeeten Tokbi (civillian) said

    No, Words to thanks you for your excellence work to create a wapsite for our tribe.MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  94. rufina timungpi said

    Good job bro. i have visited all ur site n thought of thanking you esp. ur karbi kitchen. well, i m food lover n enjoy cooking. in fact i have good collection of karbi delicacies. but know wat i never bothered to know their scientific names n their benifits ! so then , we had consume all priceless medicinal plants huh ? … ….. hats off ! to all mothers n to our great… great… great… grandmothers ! n to u too. hey bro . i will give u a list of some herbs found in our jungles i desperately want to know their scientific names n its benifits please .
    i also need help to publish my bed time stories titled ” Ne phi atomo ” ….. remembrances of my four great grandnies.

  95. bidorking said

    Ong..!!! all i have to say is that….ALL THE BEST..!!! Grt work..!! Keep Shining

  96. R.Teron said

    by going through this Blog… Now I can answer everyone who happen to have some query about my tribe… Thanks alot sir..
    and wish you all the very best for your efficient work.

  97. kaisong teron said

    this website has encourage me of building my own site and i can also copy some ideas from it thank you.

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