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Marriage Circle Rules.

Posted by Administrator on March 19, 2006

Marriage Circle Rules.


The above marriage circle is adhered by the karbis since time immemorial. The Karbis are custom bound to follow and observed it.

A terang and all its sub-clan should by custom marry an Ingti girl. A Teron should marry a terang girl. A timung should marry an Enghi Girl and An Ingti should marry a Timung Girl.

Any valid and legal marriage among the karbis is a marriage according to the marriage circle. This marriage circle is a must among the karbis till recently. Any violation of this circle was considered as a crime.

But by now, the violation of the marriage circle custom is very frequent. And it seems that the Karbi Society itself has under gone a remarkable change.

The only prohibition which is adhered to till today is the marriage within the same clan, and any violation of this awaits ex-communication and social boycott from the society.

Source: Mr. J.S. Terang, Former Deputy Adviser, Anti-Coruption Bureau, C.B.I( Central Bureau of Investigation), India.

5 Responses to “Marriage Circle Rules.”

  1. Maximus said

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  2. Mindar said

    A very complicated situation- my mom and my Girl Friend’s mom’s surname is the same i.e. both are Engtipi. Some people had told me that since my mom and my girl friend’s mom’s surname is same, she is a sister to me and therefore we cannot marry. But I’ve come across few people who differs and have got married. I’ve even seen an arranged marriage happening where the groom and bride’s mother’s surname is the same, with the consent of the parents from both parties.

    I’d therefore like to know if such marriages are actually prohibited. And what about those people who got married with their mother’s surname being the same? Is it still prohibited in this modern age?

  3. Philippe Ramirez said

    Any data on levirate or sororate (marrying deceased husband’s brothers or wife’s sisters)?

  4. L.Tumung said

    i would like to know the step wise Karbi Marriage tradition.

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