Karbis Of Assam

Ethnology on the Karbis also Known as Mikirs


Posted by Administrator on March 18, 2006

Hemtap—Karbi tree-house in the backdrop of a setting sun at Taralangso..Diphu

A Karbi raised house in Western Karbi Anglong, Assam, NE India

Some of the pictures of the karbis. An impoverished Karbi family in inner KA    

charai.bmp (298342 bytes)

Jambili Athon- A symbol of the karbis , Five branch representing five clans of the Karbis.

dance-1.bmp (512622 bytes)

Youth Performing a Karbi Dance called Chong-Kedam, a warrior dance.

dance-2.bmp (169374 bytes)

. house.bmp (461790 bytes)


A typical Karbi House ( side view)


instru.bmp (302022 bytes)

Instrument used by the Karbis for Chong-Kedam dance.    

Karbi Arts

17 Responses to “Photos”

  1. Sarmanran said

    well, thumps up for peoples who is behimd this tremendeous piece ofwork..

  2. Jinti Neog said

    kardom!!!!!!!glad to have these information ..I am not a karbi..but I am very keen to know about different beautiful tribes of Northeast.. I think we the people of assam as well as northeast should know each other very well..I am also interested to learn karbi language..please do help me

  3. Ruptabon Terangpi said

    Great Job but i would like to see more pictures on Chomankan,like the special dance they performed ,dress and ornaments

    • if you are interested, we have a video of that… but you will have to pay for that.. ( a very nominal amount) do let me know if you are interested..

      Morningkeey Phangcho

  4. Mosphyt Taro said

    Karbis are not bad of their looks. Let the karbis shine in the world by their colourful dresses and faces

    Kardom a ke-ong

  5. Kardom my beloved motherland. I love you more than I couldn’t express. I love the beauty of my land which give me birth.

  6. we are rarely known to the world.

  7. haii
    Neli Joseph Hanse Dehradun pen. Neli ning arong pik lapen ning ingsam pik atheke ilitum aron atang pini arni pirthe adang pachitak dun thek apot. Pini neli la Jambili athon aphuthak puji ke, ne ning ingsam o-lo. I promised that I will not let the culture be lose and I proud of my motherland. Because of giving me birth and for the beauty of nature, environment etc.

  8. Excellent photos! Carry on!!

  9. Thare:-Medel kro said

    Aphrangsi ke nelihin pen suri suri akardom pajir iklo..pini neli ning arong pik lapen neli ning ingsampik, athema pini arni anke emethang akhei mate jutang jubat kapaklang thek apot nang litum aphuthak ta ansose arnam ahirjume padonang…karbi akhei jutang jubat achethe peding nang. Kardom._kurvangthu.

  10. Arif said

    nice one. carry on such and uploaded with historical notes.

  11. Dr. Mensing Enghi, MBA Ph.D said

    All are useful information great job keep continue sharing your knowledge

  12. Chorolo nangli tum aphan lahai kapaklang thek apot

  13. joyson said

    neli joyson ejang. utterpradesh pen c pu mesen lo lason pa klang k

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