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Name List of Clans (KURS) in Karbis

Posted by Administrator on March 15, 2006

The name of all the five clan and its respective sub clan of the Karbis is as given below.



A) Lijang ( Ingti):


1. Ingti Hansek 2.Ingti Kather Bura 3. Kather Riso 4. Ingleng 5. Taro 6. Ingti Killing.



B) Hanjang ( Terang) :

1.Terang 2.Terang Engnar 3. Terang Ingjai 4. Terang Dilli 5. Terang Rongcheicho 6.Bey Ke-ik 7. Bey ke-et (Ronghang) 8. Bey Chingthong 9. Bey Dum 10. Bey Lindok 11. Bey Miji 12. Kro 13. Kro Nilip 14. Kro Nihang 15. Kro Khamu



C) Ejang ( Enghi / Inghi) :

1.Enghi 2. Rongpi 3. Rongpi Ronghang 4. Rongpi Amri 5. Rongpi Chingthong 6. Rongpi Lindok 7. Rongpi Meji 8. Rongpi Rongchehon 9. Ronghi 10. Ke-ap 11. Rengoi 12. Renglum 13. Rente 14.Lekthe 15. Bongrung 16. Kramsa 17. Hanse Lindok 18. Hanse Chingthong 19. Hanse Durong 20. Hanse Nongphili 21. Hanse Nongloda 22. Hanse Ka’I (Kalongtam) 23.Ronghang 24. Ronghang Lindok 25. Tisso Rongphu 26. Tisso Rongchitim 27. Tisso Rongling
28. Tisso Motho 29. Tisso Rongcheicho 30.Tisso


E) Kronjang (Teron) :

1.Millik 2. Kongkat 3. Langne 4. Sirang 5. Dengja 6. Ai 7. Torap 8. Sir-ik 9. Miji.


D) Tungjang ( Timung):

1.Timung 2. Timung Rongpi 3. Timung Killing 4. Timung Phura 5.Phangcho 6. Phangcho Juiti 7. Phangcho Langteroi 8. Phangcho Ingnar 9. Phangcho Vojaru 10. Pator 11. Killing Miji 12. Killing Nokbare 13. Senar 14. Senar Muchiki 15. Senar Meji 16. Tokbi Ronghang
17. Tokbi Totiki 18. Tokbi Chingthong 19. Tokbi Dera 20.Rongphar Senot 21. Rongphar Phura 22. Nokbare (Longthulu) 23. Nongdu 24. Nonglada 25. Dera 26. Senar Pator 27. Senot 28. Chalut Senot 29. Mu Chophi 30. Tokbi Killing.





Source: Mr. Chesong Bikram Sing Terang,
Ex-General Secretary, GGKSA & Editor of Aturkimi, A Souvenir of the G.G.K.S.A

( Greater Guwahati Karbi Students’ Association), 1st Issue:2002-03.

8 Responses to “Name List of Clans (KURS) in Karbis”

  1. upala barua said

    I have been studying the Karbi society since 1979. My first anthropological field work was at Rongkanthir village,near Diphu on Karbi rituals. Now I teach Anthropology at Cotton College & I have a soft corner for the Karbi culture as a whole.

  2. Sir,
    In Lijang(Engti) clan,Engleng Subclan have said to be sub divided into Engleng Hempi & Engleng Hemso.

    • Sir,
      I m to inform u that,so far as my knowledge is concerned, Lijang(Ingti) are the following Kurs.They are as-1. Ingti Hensek 2. Ingti Kathar 3.Ingti Taro & 4. Engleng. I agreed with u that,Engleng Hempi & Hemso can,t be recognised as Kurs.Similarly Ingti Kathar Bura & Ingti Kathar Riso are not kurs and the same to Ingti Killing.Ingti Killing were recognised as Ingti clan resided in Killing territory(Havar) & not termed as Kurs.

  3. Sarthe Teron Milik said


    In the Dumura region, we have sub clan of Ingti named “Nong-nong”. Ingti Nong-nong is not found in your article.

  4. Karbi language is very rich and grammatically also very good, but I don’t know, origin Karbi people where from came? Some culture and ethnic symptom are not same with others tribe in NE region. Kalaguru Bishnu Prashad Rabha said Karbi is the Columbus of Assam.

    Karbi Language Exam : as Dhan kata = in Karbi = chok ratna
    Gos kata = ,, = Dheipe thuna

    Pani khowa = ,, = Lung juna
    Bhat khowa = ,, = Ann tcala

    And so many words are very meaningfully explained in karbi language.

    So many Karbi Title as Teron, Kro etc. are written as Title all over the World. Teron = as written Teron, Theron, Thyron etc. in the people of Africa, Europe, America
    Kro = ,, Crow in the people of New Zeeland, USA

    And so many …………………….

  5. Saret rongchitim said

    Nice 1,bt plz elborate more abt us,THE KARBIS

  6. Chokche hoi lang…nangli tum

  7. Akangsha Enghipi said

    Can u inform that in which clan do the rahang tittle belongs??

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